The Port of Huelva will complete access to the southern pier in March

The president of the Huelva Port Authority (Spain), Pilar Miranda, has announced that the adaptation and unfolding works of the access road to the South Pier will end next March. Thanks to this infrastructure, the port area improves the quality of intermodal transport, especially if the prospects for growth in container traffic are taken into account.

The Huelva enclave also wants to expand the regular lines of ro-ro and passenger merchandise. At the moment, the current access road has two lanes in each direction in its first 3,360 meters, which transforms into a single lane from this point to the end of the road. As an increase in road freight traffic is expected at the dock approaches, the port facility needed to separate traffic in both directions.

With this change, bottlenecks will not be formed and it will be optimized in terms of efficiency, costs, land mobility and environmental sustainability. Specifically, the modification of the access road to the South Pier will be made up of four lanes along the entire route and will involve the adaptation of some 3,360 initial meters of the road to adapt to future traffic.

Likewise, the Huelva enclave wants to install an underground gallery to remove Cepsa’s pipe rack, which currently determines the gauge of the road. On the other hand, the Port of Huelva continues to bet on carrying out actions that help it meet its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda.