National and International Union Representation.l.

We represent and protect the rights of the logistics union before national and international authorities. We are the voice of companies in the logistics sector in important national and international forums. Currently we support logistics and transportation issues in the CCIC competitiveness committee, We participate in CCIE meetings on behalf of the logistics sector in C.A.

Links with national and international authorities

As an association we propose to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Honduras by promoting progress, competitiveness and responsible business practice within the private productive sector, seeking to achieve agreements that benefit the general public. Offering adequate services to our associates and helping them achieve a level of competitiveness on a world scale. With customs we work to simplify processes and in turn we have participated in training and forming alliances with international organizations that handle the issue of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Professional Education

We seek that our associates are in constant development; Therefore, we offer courses and training that contribute to the professionalism and good performance of companies.  Special prices for associates. Special courses according to the needs of our affiliates.  Free trainings.


We promote among our associates the effective use of contacts and networks of influence that allow them to create synergies and job or business opportunities in the short, medium or long term.

Legal advice

Consultation and advisory support in logistics / foreign trade, etc.

Sale of BL'S AND FWB

BL’s BL’s formats with clauses and FIATA seal, only for associates, it is necessary to have current liability insurance.

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About us

AHACI is the Honduran Association of International Freight and Logistics Agencies, an entity with its own legal personality, non-profit and without political or religious purposes, aimed at promoting the spirit of union and solidarity among logistics operators and promoting the development and competitiveness of the activity logistics in Honduras.

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