• We represent the Guild in studies and meetings in PLAN 20/20, IDB, USAID, United States Department of Commerce, World Bank, DARA, and INSEP.

  • In turn, we belong to the following organizations: CCIC, ALACAT, FEDECARGA, FIATA, IATA, COHEP, DARA, and CCIE

  • We periodically impart training courses on: Dangerous Goods, Basic Cargo, Calculation of Rates, and Billing.

  • We offer the service of Presentation of Bonds, Freight Consolidator Resolution Procedure, and Liability Insurance, Consultations to different public and private bodies on issues of union interest, and free Courses and Workshops for partners in alliances with COHEP and Foundation MHOTIVO
  • We are members representing the Honduran business sector in the National Logistics Council where all aspects of the country’s logistics development will be worked under the frame of reference of the National Logistics Plan proposed by the IDB, appointed by the different unions that make up the chain Logistics as a full member representing the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise in the National Committee for Trade Facilitation.

  • As an organization we work hand in hand with the different public and private actors that make up the logistics chain.


To be an ACTIVE member of the Freight Forwarders Association and to be able to start operations, it is required:

  1. Be duly registered and authorized as a company, owned by an individual or legal person in the registries: mercantile, municipal, corresponding offices of the Republic of Honduras, whose sole purpose is Cargo Agent;

  2. Possess adequate personnel, equipment, and facilities in the country, as well as proven financial solvency to be able to carry out in a professional and qualified way the activity of Cargo Agency;

  3. Not be employed directly or indirectly, nor be a shareholder of air or maritime transport company and not be an employee or public official, nor an active member of the Armed Forces;

  4. Be willing to abide by the regulations of the association and collaborate for the fulfillment of its purposes;

  5. Pay the membership fee set by the Board of Directors.

-For the incorporation as a member, it will be necessary:

Fill out the respective membership application form and send it to the Association’s offices, attaching the following documentation:

a)  Resume or Curriculum Vitae of the president, General Manager, or the titular person of the requesting company.

b) List of qualified or executive personnel working in the requesting company.

c) Description of the services it will provide.

d) Reference of the foreign company (s) that it will represent in the country, and type of Agreement (Exclusive or not).

e) Description of the facilities available to the applicant company, such as properties, vehicles, equipment, and main furniture and warehouses.

f) Clear copy of the Certification of Legal Status of the company (Public Deed), of the Mercantile Registry, RTN, Municipal Taxes.


Clear copies of the Initial Accounting Balance or the General Balance, and its Income Statement for the last accounting period, certified by an authorized and collegiate public accountant. 

h) Clear copy of the registration as Freight Forwarder in the DEI-DAAN.

The application with the complete documentation will be presented to the Board of Directors, which will be received only if the documentation is complete, otherwise, it will be returned until it is completed, once received it will be sent to the Admissions Committee, who will rule in a term that It may not exceed two (2) weeks, on the origin or inadmissibility of the admissions.

The Board of Directors, through a reasoned resolution by simple majority, will ultimately decide on the admission or rejection of the management, for which it will take into consideration the recommendation of the admission committee without this being mandatory.

The Board of Directors will send all associates a communication informing of the Membership Request received and asking the associates if they have any inconvenience to associate with the said firm within a maximum period of ten (10) calendar days, after which without objections from any type the applicant will be admitted.

Against the resolution of the Board of Directors, an appeal will be made to the general assembly. The Secretary-General will send you a letter informing you of your acceptance, informing you of your obligations to the Association, and sending you a copy of the Statutes.

Active members of the Association have the following rights:

d) Elect through their titular representative or whoever takes his place, in addition to being elected to positions or commissions. All the representatives accredited to the association can be elected.

e) Present suggestions and initiatives that contribute to the realization of the aims of the associations.

f) Participate in all events held by the association.

g) To be defended by the association in matters of the profession that affects its interests and those of the union.

The members of the association have the following obligations:

a) Comply with and ensure that each of the precepts of these statutes is fulfilled.

b) Punctually pay the ordinary and extraordinary fees established by the Board of Directors.

c) Carry out the positions and commissions received with efficiency and diligence and have their representatives do so in this manner.

d) Maintain the confidentiality of the matters that his position or assignment is aware of unless the information is required by the Board of Directors.

e) Adopt and support ordinary and extraordinary measures and resolutions issued by the board of directors, for the benefit of the association and its members.

Each member of the association has the right to cast one vote in the respective elections and only one representative for each associate may be elected as a member of the Board of Directors.

The quality of member or representative is suspended for:

  1. a)

    Failure to pay the fees corresponding to a quarter or the                extraordinary fees set by the meeting.

  2. b) When any of the literals of article 9 are no longer complied with.
    c) By resolution of the Board of Directors for duly qualified causes.

But the quality of member or representative will be permanently lost:

a) Having been sanctioned two (2) times by the association.
b) Having been sentenced for fiscal or public crimes; the loss of active membership will be decreed by a general assembly, by a simple majority.

In the latter case, the Board of Directors will give a hearing to the associate in question for fifteen (15) days to express his opinion and present the evidence that he considers pertinent for his defense, once the hearing has expired, the board of directors will decide to ratify or rectifying its resolution.

Against what is resolved by the Board of Directors, there is only room for an appeal for review before the general assembly, an appeal that can only be granted by a simple majority of the members of the assembly.

The loss of the quality of active member does not exonerate him from the fulfillment of his financial obligations towards the association, nor the obligation to render accounts to it, in the same way, he will not be able to continue operating as a Freight Forwarder in Honduras.


  • The form must be completed online, printed, signed, stamped, and presented with the rest of the documents.


Monthly payment
$USD 300.00
$USD. 55.00
$USD. 330.00
3 % dto.
$USD. 660.00
10 % dto.

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AHACI is the Honduran Association of International Freight and Logistics Agencies, an entity with its own legal personality, non-profit and without political or religious purposes, aimed at promoting the spirit of union and solidarity among logistics operators and promoting the development and competitiveness of the activity logistics in Honduras.

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